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  • How to find your router's private and public IP in 2018


    What is an IP address?
    An IP address identifies a computer or device that is connected to a network or computer. Network can be internet or small local area network.


    Your device's IP address is a broad IP address in Broad Internet. In most cases, whenever a device is connected to the Internet, a new IP address will be assigned to your device. There are many online tools that can help you find your public IP address.


    The local IP address is located on your device connected to your router. This local IP address is not widely available on the internet and works only on your local network. Most routers assign an IP address starting from The above steps show how to define your router's local IP address.


    How to get the IP address of your router (default gateway) under Windows
    1. Start your command prompt
    2. Enter Ipconfig
    3. Your router's IP address is listed beside the default gateway


    How to get your router's IP address on the Mac

    1. Start System Settings
    2. Go to Network> Advanced
    3. Under TCP / IP, the router's IP address is listed beside the router


    Your router has two IP addresses: A public IP address (WNN) that uses the external world and private IP address (LAN) on your home network.


    Private IP address, also known as Gateway IP address, is accessed by all the devices on your home network to access the Internet because all the information is stored in it. This is also the IP address that you want to use to configure router settings through the web interface. More information on a private IP address can be found below.


    If you or anyone else needs access to your home network from outside, you need to know the public IP address as it is available for the external world. To configure your taste to allow access to the external world, you must configure it using the web interface, which is usually located on the local IP.

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